IELTS Listening Strategy 1 Multiple choice questions

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A brief introduction to Multiple Choice Questions in the IELTS Listening Test.


nyowani100 says:

wow this is a very helpful video this is wat i was looking for, short, packed w everything u need and wow!! yo eyes.

Silentscreamer2009 says:

nice eyes.

Amer Shakeel says:

shoooo shwweeeeet


A very very nice lecture in a more nice voice by a most nice lecturer….
 May almighty keep you, for ever, as beautiful, mam! as you are now

Jasim2uddin says:

i am looking your eyes rahter than listening the video……………thx for ur lecture.

aark002 says:

Very Nice like your Beauty…..Mam u Got killing eyes!!!!

sborlepwar says:

Useful strategies.

Thanks for sharing the video.

malaksajadkhan says:

hi mam before i say any bout the lecture i may say that ever any body told u that u have beautiful, nice, attractive eyes…. i have no words to express them i love ur eyes (sorry if u mind ) nd thankx for such a helpful video

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